14 Jul

Faux Wood Blinds, as the name suggests, are simply blinds made from a material other than wood that have the same appearance as wooden blinds.

The difference between wood venetian blinds and faux wood venetian blinds boil down to one difference – the material used for the horizontal slats – everything else is identical including the strings, tapes, headrail etc. If the slat is painted, i.e. white or grey venetian blinds it is virtually impossible to tell the difference.

Wooden blind slats are made from basswood, used for its ideal properties of lightness, strength, and a straight grain.

Faux Wood slats are made from uPVC which is a cost-effective material with the benefits of being Fire Retardant and does not warp or twist in areas with high moisture.

If you are looking for a painted or coloured slat we would always recommend faux wood as the grain on a real wood slat is painted over but if you want to see the stained woodgrain we would always recommend a real wood slat.

REAL WOOD BLINDS (Basswood)                                                                         



Can be stained to give a real wood finish

Smaller stack when pulled up

Every slat will be identical in colour

Coloured tape upgrades available


Not suitable for areas with high moisture (e.g. bathrooms, kitchens)

Slightly more expensive than faux wood blinds



Cheaper than real wood

Fire Retardant

Waterproof - suitable for areas of high moisture as they will not warp or twist

Can be made wider than real wood blinds

Less susceptible to chipping on slat ends

Coloured tape upgrades available


Heavier than basswood blinds

Larger stack when pulled up

If you are still undecided which type of blind to choose please feel to call in or contact us on 01623 422163 or email us at info@thefabricstores.co.uk

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