A Cost Effective Alternative to Plantation Shutters for Mansfield and surrounding areas.

Perfect Fit Shutters Lite

Transform your home with Perfect Fit Shutters Lite. Easy to measure and install, Perfect Fit Shutters are a cost effective alternative to traditional wooden plantation shutters. Made in the UK, the cost of perfect fit shutters is significantly less than traditional wooden shutters and delivery times are considerably shorter – around 2 to 3 weeks.

Perfect Fit shutters are fixed to the actual window using clips that remove the need for framework, drilling or screwing and can be easily fitting by someone with no DIY skills in minutes without any need for tools.

A unique feature of a perfect fit shutter is that because it is fastened to the uPVC window frame, the shutter opens with the window making it perfect for tilt and turn windows and patio doors.

The only limitations for their suitability are:
  • The window must have a rubber seal around the glass.
  • There must be a minimum of 25mm clearance between the edge of the glass and any obstructions, including handles or vents.
  • The depth from the outside of the frame to the glass must be between 20mm and 24mm.
  • The tilt control will need to be on the opposite side of a handle.
  • The maximum louvre length is 750mm, windows wider than this can be accomodated but will require more than 1 panel in the window.
Key Features:

  1. No Need for Drilling or Screwing: Perfect Fit Shutters Lite are installed using a unique clip system that attaches directly to your window frame through the rubber seal, eliminating the need for screws or drilling into your walls.
  2. Cost Effective: Perfect Fit shutters are significantly cheaper than traditional shutters.
  3. Custom Made for Your Windows: Perfect Fit Shutters Lite are custom-made to fit your windows precisely to ensure a snug fit.
  4. Child and Pet Safe.  Perfect Fit Shutters Lite are cordless, making them safe for children and pets. The lack of cords eliminates potential hazards whilst maintaining a clean and uncluttered look.
  5. Energy Efficiency: These shutters offer insulation properties. They can keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing your energy bills.
  6. Privacy and Light Control: With their adjustable louvers, you can easily control the amount of privacy without sacrificing light. Tilt the louvers to let in as much or as little sunlight as you desire.
  7. Can be removed easily for cleaning or decorating.
  8. Waterproof - can be wiped clean.
  9. Can be fitted to French doors or patio doors.
  10. Made in the UK
  11. Faster delivery - around 2 weeks compared to 12-14 for traditional shutters.
Simple Ordering & Fitting Process

One of the most attractive features of Perfect Fit Shutters Lite is the simple installation process. These shutters are designed to be user-friendly, with a simple installation that doesn't require professional or even DIY skills.

Here's how the process works:
  1. Measure Your Glass: Start by measuring the glass in your windows from rubber seal to rubber. The measurements are for costing and quote purposes only – if you decide to order we will visit and take precise measurements. You'll need to measure the width and height of each pane of glass.
  2. We will supply a quote based on your measurements and check that your windows are suitable.
  3. Pay For Your Shutters and make an Appointment for us to Check Measure
  4. **Collect Your Shutters: When your Perfect Fit Shutter Lite package arrives, it will contain ready assembled shutters.
  5. **Fit the Frame Clips: Attach the frame to your window using the provided clips and brackets. No drilling or screws are required, as the frame attaches directly to your window frame.
  6. **Attach the Shutters: Once the frame is in place, insert the shutters into the clips. They will fit snugly and securely within the window opening.
**We can organise your blinds to be fitted for an extra charge, but they are so simple we advise fitting them yourself and saving the expense.

Benefits of Perfect fit Shutters Lite

1. Enhanced Privacy: You can adjust the louvers to block the view from the outside, providing you with the privacy you need without compromising on natural light.
2. Improved Insulation: Thanks to the snug fit and high-quality materials, these shutters act as an additional layer of insulation for your windows. They help maintain a comfortable indoor temperature year-round, reducing your heating and cooling costs.
3. Low Maintenance: Perfect Fit Shutters Lite are easy to clean and maintain. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is often all that's required to keep them looking their best.
4. UV Protection: These shutters can help protect your furniture, flooring, and interior decor from the harmful effects of UV rays, helping to prevent fading and damage.
5. Noise Reduction: Enjoy a quieter living space by reducing outdoor noise, whether it's traffic, neighbours, or other disturbances.
6. Child and Pet Safety: The cordless design of Perfect Fit Shutters Lite eliminates the risk of entanglement, making them a safe choice for homes with children and pets.


Are Perfect Fit Shutters Suitable for Bay Windows?

What is the minimum / maximum width available?
The minimum width available is 11cm.
The maximum louvre length is 750mm, windows wider than this can be supplied but will require more than 1 panel.

What is the minimum / maximum drop available?
The minimum drop is 18cm and the maximum is 220cm

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