Wide range of Curtain Poles and Tracks in Classic and Contemporary Designs

The right curtain track or pole will help your curtains hang properly and make drawing them smooth and simple.
At the Fabric Stores we only supply top quality curtain tracks and poles, for example we do not sell extending metal poles and we will always cut the pole down to size for you free of charge.

Metal Curtain Poles
Create your desired look by selecting one of our beautiful metal curtain poles. Choose from a variety of designs to suit any home décor scheme.
We can supply custom made curtain poles for virtually every style of window suitable for all types of curtain heading.

Tip - when buying metal curtain poles always buy a pole with a jointing piece rather then a telescopic poles they look much better. However, if you do have a telescopic pole ensure that the step from one diameter to the other is placed under the central support bracket and cut down the pole from each end.
Tip - virtual all eyelet curtains have 40mm diameter eyelets so if you are buying a pole for this type of header please bear this in mind.
Tip - Look for curtain rings with nylon inserts for smoother movement and to prevent scratching the top of the pole.

Wood Curtain Poles
Compliment your window display with one of our stylish wood curtain poles that arrive in an array of designs, colours and sizes and can be made to stand out with decorative finals

Curtain Tracks
Our curtain tracks are all hand drawn metal rails and come in 8 style options with Other features include:

  • 4 colours - white, black, silver and brown 
  • Up to 6m long without the need for joins.
  • Powder coated finish
  • Dry lubricant for easy operation
  • Corded versions available
  • UV protected carriers to prevent brittleness
  • Easy and quick installation with a choice of brackets - ceiling, 35mm, 75mm, adjustable, double and even triple rail brackets.
  • Offset shaped carriers for straight hanging pleats

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