Tiebacks and Holdbacks for your curtains in a wide range of designs and colours

Curtain tie backs are a curtain accessory, used to hold your curtains in an open position and are hooked onto tieback hooks screwed into the wall.. Curtain tiebacks are made of fabric and loop around your curtain, attaching to a hook or a bracket secured onto the wall. While these have the same function as curtain holdbacks, holdbacks are usually metal and are fixed directly to the wall.
Curtain tassel tiebacks are similar to regular fabric tiebacks as they tie around your curtains, however they usually feature a traditional rope design with a hanging tassel for a regal look.

Fabric tiebacks are made from 2 pieces of the same fabric as the curtains with a buckram stiffener sandwiched in between layers.
Curtain tassel tiebacks are made with a rope body with a tassel at the end.
Rope tiebacks have the same rope body as tassels but without the tassel on the end.
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