23 Jun

Hanging pencil pleat curtains is an easy task, but like most things, the more care you take the better the result will be. But before you start - without wishing to state the obvious - make sure your hands are clean!

  • Lay out the curtains face up and work out which is the left and which is the right. Turn over the curtains and check the tape at the top of the curtain - a 3"(75mm) tape will have 3 cords running horizontally along the tape and a 6" tape will have 6 cords - these tapes will be pulled up to create the gathered or ruched effect. You will also see there are 3 or 6 rows of small pockets, open at the top and bottom - these are where the curtain hooks will go.

  • Check the cords are sewn down at one end. If they are then this should be the inside edge of the curtain where they meet, if not tie all the strings securely into one knot on the inside edge - if you don't they will pull out when you ruche up the curtains and have to be replaced.

  • Pull the cords from the outside edge until each curtain is approximately 1/2 the width of the track or pole - As you pull up strings slide the curtain down the strings evenly.

  • Offer your curtain up to the track to make sure each curtain is the width you require (and equal) and adjust if necessary. Once you have achieved the correct width, tie a loose knot that will stop the ruching from slipping but can be undone in future if the curtains need to be made flat again. DO NOT CUT THE STRINGS - either ball them up neatly or better still use a cord tidy.

Cord Tidy 

  • Count how many curtain rings you have and divide the hook pockets into equal spacings - 5 pockets apart is ideal, if you do not have enough curtain rings to do this consider buying extra as it will affect how the curtains appear - too far apart and they will sag between rings.

  • Insert the curtain hooks into the row of pockets that position the curtain to the desired height - start off with hooks in the middle and move them higher or lower if required. Use metal hooks rather than plastic if possible.

metal hook

  • When hanging curtains it is always best as a 2 man operation so someone can hold the bulk of the curtain weight for you. If using a ladder be extra careful.

  • Make any adjustments to the tape to make sure the pleats are even

  • Once the curtains are hung on the track / pole, pull the curtains fully open and starting from the top gently smooth each pleat the full length of the curtain to make sure the the pleats are even, neat and run full length of the curtain.

  • Using a cord or strips of fabric, tie the folds in place loosely in several places. Leave these ties on for as long as you can bear it as they will "train" the folds to hang naturally in the positions you have tied them in - at least 48 hours but ideally 5 days or so. When you remove the ties the curtain folds should retain in the shape you set them in.

By now your curtains should look like they have been hung professionally, however if you experience any difficulties or are unsure of the procedures described please do not hesitate to contact us on using our contact page .

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